Monday, August 4, 2014

The Spectacular Now

17620971So, my girlfriend, Cassidy, is threatening to kick me to the curb again, my best friend suddenly wants to put the brakes on our lives of fabulous fun, my mom and big sister are plotting a future in which I turn into an atomic vampire, and my dad, well, my dad is a big fat question mark that I’m not sure I want the answer to. 

Some people would let a senior year like this get them down. Not me. I’m Sutter Keely, master of the party. But don’t mistake a midnight philosopher like me for nothing more than a shallow party boy. Just ask Aimee, the new girl in my life. She saw the depth in the Sutterman from that first moment when she found me passed out on the front lawn. Okay, so she’s a social disaster, but that’s where I come in. 

Yes, life is weird, but I embrace the weird. Let everyone else go marching off into their great shining futures if they want. Me, I’ve always been more than content to tip my whisky bottle and take a ride straight into the heart of the spectacular now.

THIS BOOK IS SO FULL OF FEELS FOR ME I CAN'T STAND IT. While reading this book I probably used 40 page markers... It was such an amazing book. Sutter is such a pain to read about though, one second he's this amazing guy and the next he's being a really big idiot and ruining everything. Its such a good read nevertheless. I HAD to read this book after seeing the trailer on Youtube a month or two ago.  So when I ordered some books off of amazon and saw this one for cheap I had to buy it.  I don't regret the $5.77 I paid for this gem, it was soooo worth it! I highly recommend this book. 

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