Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Last Silk Dress

                           By: Ann Rinadli

       The last silk dress is based on a letter written during the civil war by General James Longstreet of the confederate states of America. The letter was about about a hot air balloon made of silk dresses donated by the local women. It was used to spy on the Yankees during the brutal war. The balloon would fly higher than the enemy’s could shot their riffles.

    This book is about a young woman trying to find were she belonged in the war, and on what side she should take. During her journey she meets her banished older brother who help her unlock secrets from deep within their past. To the end of her journey she finds true peace within her soul. After moving in with her brother she finds out what she was fighting for was corrupt.

    Great book could have more history in there but. I might read again but not likely because the book does not have a lot of history in there. Good book to read about the civil war. More of girl’s book, but still a great read.


  1. i think this is a very well writen review. 2 THUMBS UP :)