Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Long Way Home

                              By: Andrew Klavan  The Homelanders #2

          In the long way home Charlie finds himself on the run, still trying to find out who really killed Alex and why. On his way to his home town he finds more pieces to the puzzle that fill prove his incents. When he reaches his home town, he finds there are more people he can trust he than ever before. While in town he finds more about the year he can not remember, and finds that there are people that he thought he could trust that are really against him and his country.   

      Being in his home town Charlie struggles to stay hidden and try’s to keep his friends out of trouble get him the information he needs. It is very hard to ask questions about the murder with out someone connecting them to him so he is very carful in questions are asked, to whom and were. The longer he stays in town the harder it will be to say goodbye when the time comes but he stay longer hoping to get more information. Then when something unexpected happens he is forced to leave town and run with no looking back.

     Amazing book want to read again. But be sure to read the first before the second and third on or you will be confused, big time. Great at keeping you interested in the book, the suspense is killing. If you love mysterious fiction this is the series for you.

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