Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Freedom’s Stand

  By: J.M. Windle 
Freedom’s Stand is about the problems women face in Afghanistan, how they can be sold by their wali -a male that is in charge of them- to pay their debts, into marriage. Sometimes they get into a good marriage with love but more often than not they are beaten and abused by the husband and they are powerless to stop it. This work of fiction does not shy away from the hard issue that the women that live there and how the foreigners are treated and looked upon.  They all so talk some about ho corrupt their government is, they will kill an innocent man to cover their tracks, as the book talks about. All the characters in the story face different situations and different problems than the others so it gives you a wide range of problems and how they handled them.
This book is very informational about all the different subjects she talks about in the whole book. I really enjoyed reading this book, even though it was really long for a novel but worth ever page.  I received this book through Tyndale’s book review program and even though this is only the second thing I have received from them I am impressed in what they publish. But all in all I enjoyed this read.
I was not made to write a positive review, only to voice my opinion. This book was written by J.M.Windle published by Tyndale press.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Praying For Your Future Husband

By: Robin Jones and Tricia Goyer

  Praying for your future husband is like the titles say’s, this is a book about praying for your future husband. This book teaches you not only how to pray for him but what to pray for in your future husband. The authors share there own personal stories of when they where dating and how they meet their future husbands. They give you examples by using other peoples stories of there experiences with praying for their future husbands and meeting them. They give you tips on dating and on what to look for in a future husband. They give you examples of prayers for you to pray for your future husband and prayers for you to pray for your self. Every chapter has a new subject of things you should pray for in your future husband every day. They also include a list of their favorite bible verses one for every day of the year. This book is very informational on the subjects they talk about in each chapter.

This book was written by two teen fiction writers, they did a wonderful job writing this book. As a young Christian teenage girl I have always prayed for my future husband but this book helped me see how I am suppose to pray and what to pray for. I really enjoyed this book and all the authors have to say. Perfect book for any teenage girl or young lady to read.

I was not made to write a good review.  This book was written by Robin Jones and Tricia Goyer, published by Multnomah.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Romancing Hollywood Nobody

By: Lisa Samson

  I truly love this series and constantly reading them long into the night because I can’t put them down until they are finished. Unfortunately I did‘t get this book through a book review program, I ended up getting this book from my library and reading it from there. Anyhow, romancing Hollywood nobody is the third book in the HOLLYWOOD series. Scotty and Charley find love on a new set where Charley works as the food stylist. How will the ones who had their hearts react to their turned heads? Who will Charley chose? Jeremy, the constantly travelling director? Or the romantic, Scottish actor? Will Seth get his act together before he ruins his inter life? Or will he join the party life of Hollywood? Find out when you read Romancing Hollywood nobody!

 If you are a young teenage girl you will love this series. It shows people doing right and wrong things and shows you the consequences of your actions weather they are good or bad ones. It is a great book for any teenage girl to have on her summer reading list along with the other three books in the series. All in all an amazing read.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The chasm

By: Randy Alcorn
The Chasm is a short little book about the journey from earth to heaven the one making the journey is Nick Seagraves. He runs into all sorts of things in his journey like lust, anger, hope, resentment and many more. Even though this book is only one hundred ten pages long it still seems like a long book, for there is so much going on in each chapter it is hard to put down.  It ends quickly, faster than I thought it would. This book teaches us some hard lessons about not going off the path God has set for us and lets us know that there was be consequences for our sin. Evil lurks in people that we may even see as a friend, like Nick found out quickly you don’t always know who to trust, people that seem like you friends may turn  their heads when the bad times come.

  This book is an amazing book to read. If you don’t know where you are going this book will help you decide where you would like to go. It shows you the wonders of Christ and the trickery of the devil and his gang down in hell. I would recommend to a lot of people I know saved or not.   All in all a great read.
I was not made to write a good review.  This book was written by Randy Alcorn, published by Multnomah.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Final Summit

By: Andy Andrews.
The final summit is about the search for the one principle that will save humanity. Which is already a large task but to add to it they only have five tries to get it right plus a time limit, if they don’t get the answer in that amount of time humanity’s times is over. You would think it would not be that hard to find the answer because it is only two words long but every time you read one of the answers you are sure they are right but are let down a few times until they get the right answer. This book is crazy hard to put down because of all the suspense that leaves you hanging until the very end of the very last page.
I extremely in-joyed this book, I don’t have words to explain how this book affected me except I want to do what the answer was. This is what will save humanity from an early death; this book needs to be read by everyone in the entire world. Because it will save us, this book will save humanity. I am telling you now to read this book. We need to do what this book is telling us to do.
 This book is an amazing book. I love it and will read it again and again, over and over. I hope that by reading this book you will get the same affect that it gave me.
I was not made to write a good review, only to voice my opinion. The book was written by Andy Andrews, publish by Thomas Nelson.