Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ben And Me By: Robert Lawson

         Ben and me is an amazing story written by Ben Franklin’s good mouse, Amos (it was written by Ben himself). Even though Ben wrote it it is still very convincing. Everything is written as from a mouse’s view as if Amos was real.

    It does teach a little history about Ben Franklin, but not anything that you did not know. I wonder where Ben got his inspiration. Hum… Great story, it has a great flow to it, even though the book is only one hundred and fourteen pages long, it has pictures so there not allot to read.

   Amos got Ben in allot of trouble for things Amos thought would help Ben with his experiments. Though sometimes Ben used Amos for experiments especially the electricity ones Amos still loved Ben. Even though Amos caused some trouble Ben still loved him just the way he was. Great book for anyone to read, might read again.             

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