Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Mercy

The Mercy is the third and final book in the rose trilogy. The mercy is the long awaited conclusion to the rose trilogy, Rose and her sister search for new beginnings. Hen cares for her injured husband not knowing what the future may hold for them. Rose welcomes a second chance at love when she would least expected. What will the future hold for these two sisters? Is peace in their future even possible for the two sisters? This is the perfect ending you would look for in this series in my eyes.
I really enjoyed reading this book and the whole series. It is a great group of books, just what you would expect from the New York Times bestselling author Beverly Lewis. After reading her seasons of grace series, I had high hopes for this series and they were met with this last book. This book was the perfect ending to this series in my mind, even though some may argue with that. I would recommend this book to any lover of Amish fiction and or Christian fiction. I really enjoyed this book and would read them again sometime.
I was not made to write a positive review, only to voice my own opinion.   

Peril in the palace

Peril in the palace is the third book in the imagination station series by Tyndale publishers and focus on the family.  The book, peril in the palace is the continuing story of two children given the task to travel thru the past and help save the life of a mysterious man of the past. Their job, go and collect different artifacts thru out time and deliver them to the king, to save the life of an innocent man. The two children face many hardships on the way and many things get in their way but they always pull thru in the end. As they travel thru history they learn all about different parts and people in history along the way.

I really enjoyed this book and the others in the series I have also read. They are geared to younger children I still enjoyed reading them and learning more about different parts of history. While getting to travel thru time with the two children and get to feel like you are really there with them. And also getting to experience what they do as they learn more about the history of the world. I would recommend this series of books to younger Christian children. 
I was not made to write a positive review, only my own opinion. 

The harvest of Grace

The harvest of grace is the third book in the Ad’s house series. The harvest of grace is a touching story about Sylvia, a young Amish woman reeling from an unexpected betrayal finds work far from her family. While there she meets young Aaron Blank, fresh out of rehab for a drinking addiction comes home and tries to convince his parents to sell their farm. But two things stand in his way, his stubborn father and Sylvia the stubborn farmhand his parents love like a daughter. He works to convince his parents and Sylvia that he real has changed for the better. 

This book by Cindy Woodsmall was a book I found hard to put down for long. And never could leave it down for long. I have always enjoyed reading Amish fiction and loved this one for many reasons. As I read I fell in love with all the characters and their lives. This book I would recommend to any lover of Amish fiction and or Christian fiction. I really enjoyed this title and want to read the whole series sometime soon and catch up the rest of what’s going on in the series.
I was not made to write a positive review, only to voice my opinion

The band that played on

By: Steve Turner

The band that played on is an in-depth look into the lives of the eight members of the band on the Titanic. They played until their final breath, helping keeping those left on the titanic calm in the face of death.  The book focuses on the band, but also talks about the sinking, and about the families that the band left behind. The book was well thought out and very well researched I saw that throughout the book as I read. It is on topic and doesn’t shift to other things it stays with the bands story.

I really enjoyed this book and all that was said about the band was very interesting and educational. Being homeschooled, it was a great thing to read for history and I learned a lot I never knew about the sinking. It was a great book to read and would recommend into any history lover or anyone interested in learning more about the titanic and the people on board. But it is more of a “fact” book then a memoir to the band. I would give this a 6 out of 10.
I was not made to write a positive review, only to voice my opinion.