Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dragons of the Valley

                                    By: Donita K. Paul

    This book is an allegory, fantasy, fiction novel about a land where dragons live with peace with the people and are used in war like we used war elephants. Before the out break of war, three statues will be taken and hidden in the valley of the dragons their whole world depends on those three statues safety. The statues created by Verrin Schope, have more power then most people know it has the power to destroy the very land. Will the artist put his paintbrush down and wield a sword just as good as he uses his brush?
I was afraid he was going to do bodily harm to his self but his sword has a mind of its own.

     Dragons of the valley is a little confusing, their names, like the one for the artist his name is Graddapotmoriphit Bealomondore is insanely long and complicated name. I mean how do you pronounce that? Thank goodness I did not have to read it out loud to anyone. Over all an ok book not the best book I have read. But still pretty good book, does not end like I thought it would but the whole plot was different from what I expected. But still a good read.
 I was not made to write a good review, only to voice my opinion. This book was written by Donita K. Paul, published by Waterbrook Press.

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Truth Of The Matter

                                  By: Andrew Klavan   The Homelanders #3
      Charlie West is still on the run, determine to find the truth. Wanting his old life back, he goes on a hunt for the mysterious agent Waterman. Waterman is one of the few people that really knows the truth. When he and Waterman finally met, secrets will be uncovered about him and the murder of his former best friend Alex. But the Homelanders know about Waterman and about the murder, thing even the police do not know about.

    Charlie, wanting to find out everything from the missing year of his life, hopes Waterman can help him restore his memory. After some things happened Charlie is on his own again, or so he thought.

   A heart pumping book, with unpredictable twists and turns with suspense that’s killing. Not recommend for children under the age of twelve, I personally think it would be too scary for them to read. Don’t get me wrong it’s not a hoarer book or anything, but to intense for them. Even though it is a work of fiction what happens in the book could happen tomorrow with the way the world is and everything. Let’s just hope it never happen like this.

I was not made to write a good review, only to voice my opinion. This book was written by Andrew Klavan, published by Thomas Nelson.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Long Way Home

                              By: Andrew Klavan  The Homelanders #2

          In the long way home Charlie finds himself on the run, still trying to find out who really killed Alex and why. On his way to his home town he finds more pieces to the puzzle that fill prove his incents. When he reaches his home town, he finds there are more people he can trust he than ever before. While in town he finds more about the year he can not remember, and finds that there are people that he thought he could trust that are really against him and his country.   

      Being in his home town Charlie struggles to stay hidden and try’s to keep his friends out of trouble get him the information he needs. It is very hard to ask questions about the murder with out someone connecting them to him so he is very carful in questions are asked, to whom and were. The longer he stays in town the harder it will be to say goodbye when the time comes but he stay longer hoping to get more information. Then when something unexpected happens he is forced to leave town and run with no looking back.

     Amazing book want to read again. But be sure to read the first before the second and third on or you will be confused, big time. Great at keeping you interested in the book, the suspense is killing. If you love mysterious fiction this is the series for you.

The Last Thing I Remember

                                                                                            By: Andrew Klavan   The Homelanders #1

               The last thing I remember is a book about a teenage boy named Charlie West, who is a normal high school student. Then the next thing he knows, he is strapped to a chair and someone outside the door has just order his death. He finds that a entire year has passed and he does not remember any of it, the last thing he can remember is going to sleep, in his bed at home, safe. During that missing year of his life he was convicted of murdering his former best friend, Alex.

      Even though he thinks he is innocent  he is not sure that he is, his closest friends know the truth and try to get him to believe in his own innocent. With the police and people against the united states after him and would like nothing more than to see him dead. After he finds himself a hunted man on the run, who can’t trust no one and those he can trust he does not want to get them evolved. There is some questions, how did he get to be in prison? Who really killed Alex? And many more.

    A great book to read for anyone even though it is more pointed to teens and young adults. I cant wait to read the second and third books: the long way home and the truth of the matter.  

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Last Silk Dress

                           By: Ann Rinadli

       The last silk dress is based on a letter written during the civil war by General James Longstreet of the confederate states of America. The letter was about about a hot air balloon made of silk dresses donated by the local women. It was used to spy on the Yankees during the brutal war. The balloon would fly higher than the enemy’s could shot their riffles.

    This book is about a young woman trying to find were she belonged in the war, and on what side she should take. During her journey she meets her banished older brother who help her unlock secrets from deep within their past. To the end of her journey she finds true peace within her soul. After moving in with her brother she finds out what she was fighting for was corrupt.

    Great book could have more history in there but. I might read again but not likely because the book does not have a lot of history in there. Good book to read about the civil war. More of girl’s book, but still a great read.