Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Last Thing I Remember

                                                                                            By: Andrew Klavan   The Homelanders #1

               The last thing I remember is a book about a teenage boy named Charlie West, who is a normal high school student. Then the next thing he knows, he is strapped to a chair and someone outside the door has just order his death. He finds that a entire year has passed and he does not remember any of it, the last thing he can remember is going to sleep, in his bed at home, safe. During that missing year of his life he was convicted of murdering his former best friend, Alex.

      Even though he thinks he is innocent  he is not sure that he is, his closest friends know the truth and try to get him to believe in his own innocent. With the police and people against the united states after him and would like nothing more than to see him dead. After he finds himself a hunted man on the run, who can’t trust no one and those he can trust he does not want to get them evolved. There is some questions, how did he get to be in prison? Who really killed Alex? And many more.

    A great book to read for anyone even though it is more pointed to teens and young adults. I cant wait to read the second and third books: the long way home and the truth of the matter.  

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