Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Too many of us settle for just "good enough". Furtick wants you to think past that and not settle for less. Rather he opens up another possibility  God's Greater. He wants us to dream bigger and ignite God's vision in our lives. In this book, he tells you exactly that. I found this to be a great tool and a great guide to start dreaming bigger and for God's Greater. An added touch is the "RT" that is provided in the table of contents. I found that to be a nice added touch. Overall, this book is a really good, moving book that will want you to want God's greater in your life.

One Big Thing Discovering What You Were Born to Do By Phil Cooke

Stop being average at so many things, and become extraordinary at One Big Thing.
What were you born to accomplish with your life? One Big Thing will help you discover what you were born to do and allow it to revolutionize your business, your ministry, and your life. In today’s distracted, digital culture, it’s harder than ever to identify your calling, get your voice heard, and achieve your dreams. To stand out and communicate your ideas and message, you need to cut through the clutter and get noticed. Making that happen means focusing on the one thing that drives you, inspires your passion, and separates you from the pack. If you’ve ever felt pulled in different directions or wondered what to do with your varied talents and interests, Phil Cooke will teach you the secrets of living a life-on-purpose that rises above the noise and leaves a lasting mark on the world.
Cooke believes we where meant to do one big thing. This book will help guide you to find that big one thing and what He wants you do with it. In an easy read format and being jam packed with quotes, this book is a beautifully written and designed book that deserves a place on everyone's book shelf. 

Monday, December 24, 2012


“I don’t write this book as a condemnation or as a sermon. The last thing I want to do is provide a ‘how to be the best Christian in ten easy steps’ guide. I pen these words as a fellow struggler who is learning that what we think about God matters, how we allow Him to reign in our hearts matters, and how we obey Him in the moment matters. It all matters. Everything. Author and speaker Mary DeMuth has been abused, foreclosed, abandoned, and betrayed. She has been pressed and drained till it was too much . . . But it was just enough to bring her to a place of surrender, piece by precious piece. In that surrender, she found the freedom of giving everything to God. And through Scripture, community, and the work of the Holy Spirit, she gives it all over again, every day. In this gentle and challenging book, DeMuth describes the process and the nuances that shape us to be more like Christ. Her words are clear, vulnerable, and thought provoking, and every chapter is infused with Scripture. Most of all, DeMuth provides personal and practical evidence that there is no greater pursuit than Christ. We must surrender everything, but it does not compare to the Everything He is, the Everything He gives.
This book was so-so, not the kind of book I really enjoy but I still enjoyed reading parts of it. So all in all it’s okay.
I was not made to write a positive review, only to voice my opinion. I received this book for review through Thomas Nelson publishers.

Radio Theatre: Les Misrables

The story that has thrilled millions comes to life in a brand new way in Focus on the Family Radio Theatre's Les Miserables. This audio drama beautifully portrays the redeeming power of forgiveness through the story of Jean Valjean, an embittered convict whose life is changed by a single act of kindness. Recorded in London with some of England's finest actors, it will mesmerize Victor Hugo (1802-1885) was a celebrated French novelist, poet, playwright, dramatist, essayist and statesman whose work ushered in the Romantic literary movement in France, one of the most influential movements in French and all European literary history. Like many of his time, Hugo promoted the virtues of liberty, individualism, spirit and nature in rebellion of the conservative political and religious establishments of Imperial France, and eventually became known as one of the most gifted and influential writers of his time. In 1862 he released the novel that would come to be known as his masterpiece: "Les Miserables". The Romantic novel paints a picture of nineteen century Paris, in all its gritty detail, at a time of revolution. Themes of moral redemption, politics, justice and human rights are vividly expressed as Hugo follows the lives of four unforgettable characters through the sordid streets of Paris.
Les Miserables is one of my favorite books and after listening to this Radio theatre production, I love it even more. I have always loved radio theatre and the way that it makes the characters come alive and give you the background to help you get a good visual picture in your mind. I would recommend this to everyone.
I was not made to write a good review, only to voice my opinion; I received these cd’s from Tyndale house publishers for review.

All things new

New Historical Novel from 7-Time Christy Award Winner! In the aftermath of the Civil War, Josephine Weatherly and her mother, Eugenia, struggle to pick up the pieces of their lives when they return to their Virginia plantation. But the bitter realities of life after the war cannot be denied: their home and land are but shells of their previous grandeur; death has claimed her father and brother; and her remaining brother, Daniel, has returned home bitter and broken. The privileged childhood Josephine enjoyed now seems like a long-ago dream. And the God who failed to answer any of her prayers during the war is lost to her as well. Josephine soon realizes that life is now a matter of daily survival--and recognizes that Lizzie, as one of the few remaining servants, is the one she must rely on to teach her all she needs to know. Josephine's mother, too, vows to rebuild White Oak...but a bitter hatred fuels her. With skill and emotion, Lynn Austin brings to life the difficult years of the Reconstruction era by interweaving the stories of three women--daughter, mother, and freed slave--in a riveting tale.
This is an amazing book written from a view that isn’t commonly talked about, how the south was transformed after the civil war that destroyed their way of life. This book is a long one, around 415 pages. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys historical fiction.
I was not made to write a positive review, only to voice my opinion on the book; I received this book for review through Bethany House Publishers.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

At her Majesty's Request

Frantic shouts and cries awaken a young girl. Her West African village is being attacked. She is dragged out of her home and watches in horror as her parents are murdered before her eyes. The attacking warriors examine her and notice the markings on her face. They are the markings of a princess.
The girl is captured and held for a ritual in which she will be killed. Then, in 1850, on the very day set for her death, a British naval officer rescues her. She is christened Sarah Forbes Bonetta and taken to England. There she is presented to Queen Victoria, who decided to provide for the upbringing of this young, orphaned princess.
Walter Dean Myers discovered a body of letters concerning Sarah, and some actually written by her, in a rare book and ephemera shop in London. What he saw there fascinated him, and he set out to unearth the details of her unique and engaging life. He found an extraordinary story — of royalty, of race, of class, of belonging, and of identity. Now, after years of meticulous research, Myers unveils this arresting portrait of Sarah Forbes Bonetta, African princess.

I was thinking this book was going to be a work of fiction, yet its more like a "fact" book it's a book that just spells out the things they know about Sarah's life, through letters and diary's and even books. I still surprisingly enjoyed it, i normally don't enjoy books like that but did this one, the history behind Sarah and her life is very interesting and surprising at times. I would recommend this book to a young history lover, it's a rather short only around 150 pages long with rather large print it won't take long to read through. All in all a good read. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Monday, December 17, 2012

What happened to Ivy

David’s younger sister Ivy, born with multiple disabilities, needs constant attention. She may be eleven years old, but in many ways she’s still a baby. She embarrasses him in public. She takes all of their parents’ focus, to the point where David wonders if they see him as anything more than a helper for Ivy. But despite it all, he loves her.

The summer days are following their usual pattern of taking care of his sister, doing chores, and trips to the cottage. The one exception is Hannah, the new girl across the street. Hannah makes David feel anything but routine. He wants to be around her all the time. And, amazingly, she seems to be into him as well.

Everything changes when Ivy has an accident while being looked after by her dad. As David wrestles with what happened to Ivy, he is forced to confront his own feelings of guilt, the meaning of mercy, and what can be forgiven.

I must say this book was nothing like i expected it to be, it seemed like it would be more about the greaf they felt and experenced after the tragic death Ivy. Yet it had to do with how much they felt guilty for anything they ever did or didn't to too Ivy or with Ivy while she was still living. I think that the reason behind her death is not right, and thats the main reason i disliked the book as much as i did, it also had a bad ending in my opionion. I would not recommend this book to anyone. I give this book 2 out of 5 stars.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Oliver Twist: A Radio Theatre production

An audio drama of the highest quality, Oliver Twist was recorded on location in London with an award-winning cast. This classic story will steal your heart as the timeless characters are brought to life in Focus on the Family Radio Theatre’s edition of Charles Dickens’ beloved tale. This amazing audio production comes on five CDs, with a bonus DVD that includes behind-the-scenes production footage and the documentary Modern Day Oliver. Purchase of the product also benefits Focus’s “Wait No More” adoption initiative. With cinema-quality sound and an original soundtrack, this audio drama tells the story of a young orphan sent from a child farm to begin life in a workhouse. After committing the unpardonable offense of asking for more food, Oliver is sent off to apprentice with a coffin-maker whose wife mistreats him. He runs away to London, where he meets the Artful Dodger and Fagin, who trains kids to be pickpockets. Despite his many trials and hardships, he finally gets his happy ending, bringing hope for redemption to all around him.

I love Radio Theatre productions, I have purchased and listen to several in the past and had high hopes set on this title, I was not disappointed! It was everything I love about Radio Theatre, it’s the same as reading the book, nothing has been changed or abridged, the music and voice acting in amazing. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. I received this title through Tydale House Publishers for review. I was not made to write a positive review, only to voice my honest thoughts about the title. Show More

A Wreath of Snow

All Margaret Campbell wants for Christmas is a safe journey home. When her plans for a festive holiday with her family in Stirling crumble beneath the weight of her brother’s bitterness, the young schoolteacher wants nothing more than to return to the students she loves and the town house she calls home. Then an unexpected detour places her in the path of Gordon Shaw, a handsome newspaperman from Glasgow, who struggles under a burden of remorse and shame. When the secret of their shared history is revealed, will it leave them tangled in a knot of regret? Or might their past hold the threads that will bind their future together? As warm as a woolen scarf on a cold winter’s eve, A Wreath of Snow is a tender story of love and forgiveness, wrapped in a celebration of all things Scottish, all things Victorian, and, especially, all things Christmas.

I normally don’t read many books set in Christmas time yet this one caught my attention from the start, Liz Curtis Higgs is an amazing author I hope to read more from in the future. I would recommend this title to those who are looking for a short, yet wonderfully written Christian Christmas story with an historical setting. This book was written by Liz Curtis Higgs, published by WaterBrook Press. I received this book for review through blogging for books, I was not made to write a good review, only to publish my honest thoughts on the work.

Would me to sleep

Would you… read me to sleep? Is a work of fiction for children, which promote Christian principles in a fictional form.  Leia and her father enjoy spending time with one another more than anything. They love taking long afternoon walks together. On these walks Leia enjoys many fun filled activities, treasure hunting being one of her favorites. Leia's favorite time of all, however, is at the end of the day when her father treats her to story-time. Then one night, Leia's father tells her the story of a wonderful and mysterious golden treasure. Will Leia solve the mystery and unlock the riches of this incredible treasure? Come along as a father and daughter spend a lifetime investing in one of the most beloved pastimes of childhood- story-time, and along the way, discover with them the awesome wonder of the greatest treasure of all.
I enjoyed having the chance to read and review this book, it really promotes the Christian principles that I stand for. The story was easy to follow along too, more for older children as it is a little to long for younger audiences. The book was beautifully illustrated by Alyson Harris. This book was written by George E. Edenfield, published by Golden Garden Publishing, Inc. I received this book for review through Bookcrash, I was not made to write a positive review, only to voice my honest thoughts about the work.