Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dragons of the Valley

                                    By: Donita K. Paul

    This book is an allegory, fantasy, fiction novel about a land where dragons live with peace with the people and are used in war like we used war elephants. Before the out break of war, three statues will be taken and hidden in the valley of the dragons their whole world depends on those three statues safety. The statues created by Verrin Schope, have more power then most people know it has the power to destroy the very land. Will the artist put his paintbrush down and wield a sword just as good as he uses his brush?
I was afraid he was going to do bodily harm to his self but his sword has a mind of its own.

     Dragons of the valley is a little confusing, their names, like the one for the artist his name is Graddapotmoriphit Bealomondore is insanely long and complicated name. I mean how do you pronounce that? Thank goodness I did not have to read it out loud to anyone. Over all an ok book not the best book I have read. But still pretty good book, does not end like I thought it would but the whole plot was different from what I expected. But still a good read.
 I was not made to write a good review, only to voice my opinion. This book was written by Donita K. Paul, published by Waterbrook Press.

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