Friday, December 17, 2010

The Door Within By:Wanye Thomas Batson

The Door Within is the classic good vs. evil story with a twist…. When Aiden Thomas’s parents tell him they are moving in with his grandfather he becomes bitter, thinking his life is ruined. Just when he thought his life couldn’t get any more boring, excitement and adventure comes in the form of three scrolls. After Aiden read the scrolls he was taken on an amazing adventure in Alleble where knights and dragons roam. Then Aiden is knighted by the great king Eliam and becomes the twelfth knight of the elite unit.

 He joins the fight against evil, with the other twelve he finds evil does more bad than good. While being thrust onto the battle for the greatest battle of good vs. evil he finds out that that there was a reason he was summoned to this world by King Eliam. For there is a plan for everyone’s life including his own. Great Book with just the right amount of real life and fantasy mixed in. Defiantly will read the rest of the series, some times I got confused but always figured it out.

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