Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The chasm

By: Randy Alcorn
The Chasm is a short little book about the journey from earth to heaven the one making the journey is Nick Seagraves. He runs into all sorts of things in his journey like lust, anger, hope, resentment and many more. Even though this book is only one hundred ten pages long it still seems like a long book, for there is so much going on in each chapter it is hard to put down.  It ends quickly, faster than I thought it would. This book teaches us some hard lessons about not going off the path God has set for us and lets us know that there was be consequences for our sin. Evil lurks in people that we may even see as a friend, like Nick found out quickly you don’t always know who to trust, people that seem like you friends may turn  their heads when the bad times come.

  This book is an amazing book to read. If you don’t know where you are going this book will help you decide where you would like to go. It shows you the wonders of Christ and the trickery of the devil and his gang down in hell. I would recommend to a lot of people I know saved or not.   All in all a great read.
I was not made to write a good review.  This book was written by Randy Alcorn, published by Multnomah.

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