Monday, May 16, 2011

Praying For Your Future Husband

By: Robin Jones and Tricia Goyer

  Praying for your future husband is like the titles say’s, this is a book about praying for your future husband. This book teaches you not only how to pray for him but what to pray for in your future husband. The authors share there own personal stories of when they where dating and how they meet their future husbands. They give you examples by using other peoples stories of there experiences with praying for their future husbands and meeting them. They give you tips on dating and on what to look for in a future husband. They give you examples of prayers for you to pray for your future husband and prayers for you to pray for your self. Every chapter has a new subject of things you should pray for in your future husband every day. They also include a list of their favorite bible verses one for every day of the year. This book is very informational on the subjects they talk about in each chapter.

This book was written by two teen fiction writers, they did a wonderful job writing this book. As a young Christian teenage girl I have always prayed for my future husband but this book helped me see how I am suppose to pray and what to pray for. I really enjoyed this book and all the authors have to say. Perfect book for any teenage girl or young lady to read.

I was not made to write a good review.  This book was written by Robin Jones and Tricia Goyer, published by Multnomah.

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