Sunday, May 8, 2011

Romancing Hollywood Nobody

By: Lisa Samson

  I truly love this series and constantly reading them long into the night because I can’t put them down until they are finished. Unfortunately I did‘t get this book through a book review program, I ended up getting this book from my library and reading it from there. Anyhow, romancing Hollywood nobody is the third book in the HOLLYWOOD series. Scotty and Charley find love on a new set where Charley works as the food stylist. How will the ones who had their hearts react to their turned heads? Who will Charley chose? Jeremy, the constantly travelling director? Or the romantic, Scottish actor? Will Seth get his act together before he ruins his inter life? Or will he join the party life of Hollywood? Find out when you read Romancing Hollywood nobody!

 If you are a young teenage girl you will love this series. It shows people doing right and wrong things and shows you the consequences of your actions weather they are good or bad ones. It is a great book for any teenage girl to have on her summer reading list along with the other three books in the series. All in all an amazing read.

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