Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Ruby Ring

The Battle Begins The year is 1524. William Tyndale makes the fateful decision to produce an English Testament without Church permission. He knows that a vernacular scripture will free the common people from spiritual domination by a corrupt and ignorant Church. If Tyndale is caught, he'll die at the stake. So will anyone found assisting him. 
Owen Alton, a London grocer's heir, catches Tyndale's vision. But if he helps Tyndale, he'll be disinherited and lose Jane Horne, the minor-knight's stepdaughter he loves. 
Jane has defied her family in her desire to wed Owen. If he now should leave her for Tyndale.... As if she didn't have enough troubles, Jane discovers the shocking secret behind her mother's ruby ring.

So I thought that this book would be different them it was. It was set in the 1500's, but it didnt really feel like the book was set in that time, it felt more like the 1800's or so. The feel was just off.Also the main character kind of bothered me, she was just a little bit too trusting and didn't really think things through. Maybe it was just me, but it did. But it wasn't the biggest thing that bothered me. The one thing that did bother me is the cover. It had way to much going on. I realize that they wanted to show the different parts of the story, but there is no flow to it and its all just stuck on there. Its not the worst but not the best by a long shot. The artistic side of my brain was screaming about this cover. All in all a decent read but could have some improvements.

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