Thursday, April 10, 2014

Little Faith: The Child of the Toy Stall

This compelling short story by the author of Christie's Old Organ will show you and your children how true faith in the Lord Jesus carries the believer through the most grievous of hardships.

So this book was rather short, at a whopping 96 pages so its a rather short read. So I read through this in around an hour.  I had  higher hopes for this book, it was okay but the girl kind of made me mad. She seemed to be thinking she had to do a things she didn't need to if she had simply stopped and thought the situation through first before making any rash choices. She did this all throughout the book and even though everything turns out well in the end its still kind of  infuriating to me that she acted this way. But I  guess in the end, all in all it was a decent read. It is a classic I believe so the writing was very different compared to what i am used too. But still it was good. I would recommend it  to someone looking for a quick Christian classic.

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