Sunday, April 6, 2014

2gether 4ever: Notes of a Junior High School Heartthrob

283042Love! Heartbreak! Homeroom! This collection of real junior high school love notes from an incorrigible recess Romeo captures the high drama, low gossip, and emotional rollercoaster ride of dozens of youthful romances. Intricately folded and secretively passed under desks in the 1970s -- to and from his best friend and his many, many girlfriends -- these notes lay bare the triumphs and tragedies of young love, from the thrilling promise of TLA (True Love Always) to the devastating letdown of "let's be friends" (with maybe a quick trip to Make Out City). Also included are a note-speak decoder (SSS: Sorry So Sloppy) and a handy diagram for folding a triangunote -- the only way to pass notes to your beloved of the week. In the cynical era of the "elimidate," 2gether 4ever is a sweetly hilarious reminder of a time, and an age, when it was okay to wear your heart on your sleeve.

So i thought this was going to be this amazingly cool real life story told in notes. But what it was is what I feared it would be, a one sided story. He basically told the whole story from one side of the story, the other peoples whom we has the notes from and their replies to the notes he sent. I was disappointed by that fact that you most of the time didn't have his side except on a few notes. It seemed like only bits and pieces of a bigger story was being played out in the book and I had a hard time putting any of the pieces together and knowing what was going on at any part of the book. But love the concept though and  I have a book that's similar in style called The Notebook Girls and I hope it will be better then this one. My one other big complaint is that the notes were hard to read. Some where faded and written in pencil or just the simple fact of horrible penmanship. Either way it was hard to read some of them, I ended up taking a break in the middle of the book and read a different one for a while just so my brain didn't have to do as much work just having to comprehend the individual words. Even though the book is only 96 pages long it takes awhile longer to read then a normal 96 page book as its slower reading. If you don't mind those annoying facts, go ahead read it but if you have those pet peeves like I do, don't bother. I was seriously hoping for some much more with this book and was let down. 

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