Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Stillness of Chimes

When Laura Gantt returns to Georgia to handle her late mother's estate, she hears a startling rumor---that her father staged his drowning years ago and has recently been spotted roaming the mountains. 

With the help of her former high school sweetheart, Laura searches for the truth. But will what they find destroy their rekindled feelings?
I first thought this book was going to be a odd type of a book. And i was partly wrong. I felt that there were parts of the story that took to long to happen and they should have moved a little faster but it wasn't horrible. I also felt that the characters grew during the story and were better and stronger people in the end. I enjoyed the book as a whole and loved that there was an edge of mystery to the story and the author wove the story together well. In the end, I would  recommend it.   I recieved this book through Multnomah for review. 

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