Friday, April 25, 2014


18089999The Heists were only the beginning.

Gray Weathersby escaped from the primitive town of Claysoot expecting to find answers, but what he discovered shook him to the core: A ruthless dictator with absolute power. An army of young soldiers blinded by lies. And a growing rebellion determined to fight back.

Now Gray has joined a team of rebels on a harsh, icy journey in search of allies who can help them set things right. But in a world built on lies, Gray must constantly question whether any ally—or enemy—is truly what they seem…

I seriously love the side of this book. Its awesomely pretty! I received an ARC  of this through epic reads and I was so excited about it because it sounds great. Not having read the first one, if I had I might have enjoyed this a little more then I did. I felt like part of the books dragged a little and had some "boring" parts.  But the more exiting parts made up for it some of the times. I felt like it should have been a little bit more of a thriller then it was, it should have been a little more... Exciting? I don't know but it wasn't as action packed as much as I had hoped. But maybe that was just me. Overall I liked it but not LOVED it. 

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