Thursday, July 24, 2014

Homeless Bird

243229Like many girls her age in India, thirteen-year-old-Koly is getting married. Full of hope and courage, she leaves home forever. But in a grim turn of events Koly finds herself cast out into a current of cruel tradition. Her future, it would seem, is lost. Yet this rare young woman, bewildered and brave, sets out to forge her own exceptional future.

I really loved this book. I am a avid reader of historical fiction normally, but the last couple months I have been on a contemporary, cutesy romance kind of kick. So I was unsure when I picked this up how I was going to like it. I found it was a contemporary read, and ever though its kind of a sad book, it has a happy ending which I wasn't expecting, at all. So I was decently surprised. I really loved it though and I would defiantly recommend it. 

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