Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Beach Blondes

2135550Three months. Three guys. One amazing summer.

Summer Smith is in for the best summer of her life. Between the cold weather and her boyfriendless existence in Minnesota, Summer is ready for sun, sand, and boys in the Florida Keys. And by the end of the first day, she has more than enough to keep her busy: Adam, the senator's son, has looks, power, and all the money in the world. Diver, the mystery man, is mellow, intriguing, and definitely unique. And Seth, the perfect guy...only he has a girlfriend. But with new friends, cute guys, and miles of hot white sand, Summer's in for more trouble than she thinks....

 I loved this book, I had bought this several summers ago when the used bookstore in my town went out of business and had a sale. I bought it primarily because of the cover,( I love this cover... ) and just haven't gotten around to read it until this summer. This book is very thick at 721 pages but not a one is boring! I was very surprised when i started this book and was instantly drawn into the whole beachy summer romance theme of this novel. I read this while on vacation at the lake so it was pretty perfect. I have been in a cutesy romance novel kick with some deeper themes mixed into the background. I got my fix with this book, it was just what I needed to  read. I would defiantly recommend it . 

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