Monday, June 11, 2012

Finding our way home

Finding Our Way Home is the newest book by Charlene Ann Baumbich, the third book in the Snow globe Connection Series. Even though the book is in a series it can be read and it makes sense without having to read all the other books before it. In Finding Our Way Home is the story of Sasha Davis, who was suffering from a career-ending injury at the age of thirty- eight, shut everyone she loved out of her life. Sasha moves back to her childhood home and hires a live-in aid. Evelyn an opposite of her employer in almost every way might be the only person able to heal her anger and depression.
  I thought I would enjoy the book a little bit more than I did, but it was still pretty good.  I liked the plot of the story and the characters where very loveable but I really couldn’t get “into” the story as much as I normally could.  I would recommend this title to anyone who enjoys contemporary and or Christian fiction. I believe that most adults and or young adults would enjoy the human depth that the author put into the story. I was not made to write a good review only to express my personal opinion.   

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