Sunday, March 15, 2015

Jesus Outside the Lines

22801012The moderate middle ground has vanished in our culture, as Internet sites and cable news programs present the world as a fight between two opposing sides. We are being forced to take sides on whatever the popular issue of the day is--whether it is health care or marriage, whether it's a scientific worldview or a religious one. Polarizing us-versus-them discussions dominate Twitter, seeking to divide us. Scott Sauls, like many of us, is tired of the bickering--and he is weary of the Jesus he loves being forced into the ideological boxes of our day. "Jesus Outside the Lines" presents Jesus the way he is: someone who doesn't fit into our culture's categories. In many ways, Jesus is a paradox. For Scott, that is where we can experience true freedom from the popular stereotypes of Christianity. Jesus offers an awe-inspiring vision of the world--and the one to come--that is both beautiful and true. That is why we can move beyond the polarizing conversations and toward that vision, the real Jesus, and our neighbor. In "Jesus Outside the Lines," you will experience a fresh perspective of Jesus, who will not (and should not) fit into the sides.
This book will shake the foundation of all that we think of Christianity and how we fit into the "box" that's been laid out for us. We all can learn much from this book and what Scott Sauls is trying to teach us through it. Why take sides when we don't always have to? Overall this book is amazing and I will definitely be reaching for this more then once. It is written in a upbeat sermon type way, instead of having references to scripture , he tells you why he brought it up and what it has to do with what he had to say. Over all i loved this and highly recommend it. 

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