Wednesday, March 18, 2015


BombWhen Genesis goes on an internet date she is only anxious that this latest guy won't be 'The One'. She's not at all worried about meeting a dodgy bloke or getting in too deep. And when her date appears she texts her best mate, Jackson, to let him know that she thinks this time, he just might be 'The One'. And he texts her back with a huge: I LIKE.

It's the one all right. But not in the way she expects.

For when Genesis wake

To her horror, Genesis has become an agent of mass destruction. The countdown to detonation begins now...s up the next day, she can't remember a thing. She can't remember where she is, or how she got there. And she can hardly move because she is strapped into some kind of body armour ... and then a voice sounds in her head: 'Get on to the 37 going north. You are strapped to a vest made entirely of explosives. At the push of one button I can detonate you right where you stand.'

I wanted to like this book more but it wasn't as good. It had suspence and all but that was it. And it had a weird ending. I wanted to lik it more but couldn't.

I recieved this book from netgalley for a review. 

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