Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Ocean of Osyria (Hardy Boys Graphic Novels: Undercover Brothers #1)

20338205Collected from the first three Hardy Boys comics, here's the complete saga of Frank and Joe's adventure in the war-torn Middle Eastern land of Osyria! After rescuing Jackpot, a kidnapped prize-winning racehorse, Frank and Joe are stunned to return to Bayport and discover that the Department of International Security has arrested their best friend, Chet Morton, for stealing a priceless art treasure! The Hardy Boys decide the only way to clear the friend is to journey to the Middle East and find the Ocean of Osyria themselves! Ages 8 to 12.
Papercutz is the exciting new graphic novel publisher that's building a huge following among the next generation of comics fans. Even the most reluctant readers are becoming addicted to the Papercutz approach of giving classic characters a modern makeover! Each Papercutz graphic novel features comics stories drawn in the style of the popular Japanese comics known as manga, and beautifully rendered with state of the art color. While educators rave about the high quality of the Papercutz writing and artwork, readers 8 and up are simply enjoying the great adventures found in each fun-filled volume. Be sure to check out other Papercutz titles such as Nancy Drew, Totally Spies, and Zorro.

I really liked this graphic novel as far as the graphics go. I didnt't love the story though, it seemed like parts didn't flow right and overall didn't sound right. So its hard to follow along and always know that everything you read doesn't always make sense. I felt like it could have been better then it was but it wasn't horrible. I dont know whether i would recommend it or not, I really don't... 

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