Saturday, May 10, 2014


81130Meet the Beast-- before there was Beauty
Orasmyn is the prince of Persia and heir to the throne. His religion fills his heart and his mind, and he strives for the knowledge and leadership his father demonstrates. But on the day of the Feast of Sacrifices, Orasmyn makes a foolish choice that results in a fairy's wretched punishment: He is turned into a beast, a curse to be undone only by the love of a woman.
Thus begins Orasmyn's journey through the exotic Middle East and sensuous France as he struggles to learn the way of the beast, while also preserving the mind of the man. This is the story of his search, not only for a woman courageous enough to love him, but also for his own redemption.
So I didn't like certain parts of this book, there were a couple parts were he was a lion and did lion things that were really disturbing atleast to me and a saw a bunch of other people too. I enjoyed most of the rest of the book but thought that certain things were out of proportion, like there was a ton about when he was a lion, i felt like she didn't have enough of his time with Belle. There wasn't really much on an ending either, It just kind of ended after he turned back into a human. But there wasn't really any after that. That's my pet peeves showing through but ya, that's what went through my mind. 

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