Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sigh of the Beast

2643930"The Thumbprint Mysteries" series have been carefully written for young adults and adults at a particular reading level. Each book presents a suspense crime in which one or more mystery murders must be solved. Readers follow the clues and draw conclusions about the suspects and events, helped by the characters who are trying to solve the crimes. The mystery genre guarantees enjoyable reading at all three levels. Teaching notes accompany the three different levels. These include, for each title, a pre-reading activity and synopsis of the plot, followed by vocabulary and skills work. An answer key is also provided.Joan Lowery Nixon, president of the Mystery Writers of America, has found 10 well-known writers to craft spellbinding stories for adults who want to read but have undeveloped reading skills. Here are stories with adult themes and interests that challenge adult minds. All of the books in the series are written at the fourth- sixth- and eighth-grade reading levels, yet offer characters, situations, and concerns appropriate for adult readers.

Okay so i didn't know about the whole reading level thing, It doesnt have anything on the book about it. As someone who has a college  reading level i dont normally pick up books like this. But even though it was written for those who struggle with reading, it was pretty good and i enjoyed it nevertheless. I would defiantly recommend it to someone who may struggle with reading. This is my 4th book for the readathon, another short one at 93 pages. Which makes my total pages read so far at just at 449. 

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