Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Charmed Bracelet (Nancy Drew: Girl Detective Graphic Novels #7)

48780Ned Nickerson arrested for shoplifting! Nancy Drew threatened with a lawsuit!  A rare computer chip stolen from Rackham Industries! It all gets even more exciting when Nancy receives a mysterious charm bracelet in the mail - and soon a crime is committed for each charm!  Will Nancy, even with the help of Bess and George, be able to find the real culprit before Ned is convicted?  Ages 8 to 12.

So i really enjoyed reading the original books, not that i have read all of them but several . Those were fine for my age/reading level. Yet these just aren't, they are just overly dumbed down and also the characters seem to be different and not as "smart" as the original series is. I realize that these are for ages 8-12 but i feel like i could have read this and understood it at 6 or 7. I don't think most 12 year old's are really going to enjoy them . I didn't really enjoy it as much as i wanted too, but its okay for younger kids.

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