Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Brimstone Journals

In a startling, often poignant student journal, acclaimed poet and novelist Ron Koertge creates a suburban high school both familiar and terrifying.

The Branston High School Class of 2001 seems familiar enough on the surface: there’s the Smart One, the Fat Kid, Social Conscience, Bad Girl, Good Girl, Jock, Anorexic, Dyke, Rich Boy, Sistah, Stud . . . and Boyd, an Angry Young Man who has just made a dangerous new friend. Now he’s making a list.

The Branston High School Class of 2001. You might think you know them. You might be surprised.

Narrated by fifteen teenage characters, this startling, often poignant poetic novel evokes a suburban high school both familiar and terrifying — and provides an ideal opportunity for young adults to discuss violence in schools.

This book has different journal entries by the different character. So you basically get a glimpse into each persons world, which i thought was really cool, but one thing that was annoying was how all the entries were written in a very similar way so it was hard to figure who the heck was talking unless you remember to read the top of every page. And good luck keeping the story straight!  I had a hard time with that but other then that it was only alright, the ending left much to be desired, big time. It simply ends, nothing was really wrapped up or anything it just stops and the story should go on it just doesn't. That's why it has 2 stars on goodreads from me. The only thing i liked was the different store and how each one was connected at different parts of the book. It was a very short read at only 113 pages and 99% of them only half or less full. So i really would recommend this book and am super glad i din't pay anything for it, i would be so mad if i did. It should be for ages 14 and up because of some subject manner. 

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