Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Caught Between the Pages

A slacker student’s perspective changes when he gets his hands on his teacher’s journal.
PJ Barnes is on the fast track to failing high school, and everyone is riding him about it—especially his English teacher, Mrs. Jordan. Then, somehow, her personal journal gets mixed up with his homework papers. Thinking he’ll find the answers to the next quiz, he starts reading and quickly discovers it’s not what he expected. As insights and family secrets surface, PJ begins to realize that Mrs. Jordan knows more about his past, his present, and his future than he ever imagined. Author Marlene Carvell explores the impact that decisions have on our lives in this exciting, moving novel for young adults.

So the synopsis of this book is so different from the book its dumbfounding! Its similar i will give them that but its so different from what goes down in the real  story its not similar enough. But i was okay with the overall story line and everything, it progressed well and i really enjoyed how it had highs and lows in it, so there wasn't nonstop action yet wasn't a flat story all the time either, a mix of both. I felt like this was more of a guys book but it was still a decent read. I probably won't read again though. I do recommend it but more for guys then anything.

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