Thursday, May 14, 2015

Searching For Darkness

22038799Edwin is a Seer, one of the few remaining in the world, who can see places and animals that the normal eye cannot. When his parents, the legends that would find the ancient cave and destroy the book Darkness, are killed before they can, Edwin finds it his duty as heir to the legends, to live out their destiny. In this day and age, wolves twice the size of the average ones with red beady eyes, walking piranha that destroy anything in water or on land, and even a pearlescent white dragon will only be some of the creatures Edwin will have to cross to reach the cave that Darkness is hidden in. Along the way he learns of several powers that he has been gifted with, when strangely a normal Seer is only gifted one. The cave will reveal incredible secrets and what he thought to be true may just unravel the world that he is so desperately trying to save.

 I won this book from the author off of Instagram. So glad I did. This book was amazing, I really enjoyed the story and the characters. It was exciting, magical, and dramatic. My only complaint would be it sometimes moved a little to fast in some places. It made it a little bit hard to keep up with the story at a couple of points in time. Overall worth the read! 

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