Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sisters of Cain

In Washington City in 1862, President Lincoln rallies the Union troops for the largest single campaign of the Civil War. And two sisters from Seneca Falls take their places among the players of history, sparked by the fires of conviction...

As part of the new special intelligence force of the Treasury, Bronwyn Llyr finds herself undercover and behind the lines. Her sister Kathryn volunteers as a nurse for the Union Army. In the heart of enemy territory and in the thick of battle, the two sisters must solve a baffling mystery, and thwart a Rebel conspiracy that threatens both their lives-and the entire outcome of the war...

I was in the mood for a mysterious historical fiction, and this one fit that rather strange bill. It had a good mix of history and espionage to keep the story going, Yet I can't call this book amazing, it lacked that  ability to drag you into the story and to keep you sucked in to it. If  it had that, this would have been an amazing book, not just a good one. This  was a good Civil war novel with a mysterious side to it. I would recommend it to those who want a good mystery set in the time of the civil war. 

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