Thursday, August 16, 2012

Aunt Harriet and me

Aunt Harriet and Me
 Aunt Harriet and Me, is the story of a young girl who grew up living in a boarding house and all the lessons and thing’s she experienced.  Living in the boarding house, a person could learn and experience many things that could leave a lasting impression on a person’s life. Living with so many different people and visitors at the boarding house she learned many of life’s valuable lessons, like how to show love and respect to those around her and how she should be treated by those around her. Though set in the “olden day’s” the story shows a glimpse of how the world is today and that the people are pretty much the same.
Written by Geraldine Sylvester, who as a girl grew up at a boarding house similar to the one in the story she based this book off her own life experiences as she grew up at a boarding house and learned life lessons that helped shape her world.  I received this book for review by Dorrance Publishing Co. and I was not made to write a positive review only to voice my honest opinion of the book in question. 

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