Thursday, February 10, 2011

Two Tickets To The Christmas Ball

     Two tickets to the Christmas ball is the story of two lonely hearts and a magical Christmas ball. Fellow co-workers for five years Cora Crowder and Simon Derrick barely remember each other, when the run into each other at Warner, Werner, and Wizborrerdad’s book store strange things happen. They both receive a ticket to a one of a kind Christmas ball, but not knowing much about the mysterious ball Cora decided not to go and give her ticket to Sandy. Sandy is Simon’s younger sister who is affected by her down syndrome and loves all things pink and girly. But when Cora gets another ticket, is it just her destiny to go to the magical Christmas ball?

A nice book with an easy to follow dialog and is easy to keep up with, so you don’t have to go back and read what you already read before. Being only a little over two hundred pages it is not very long, it only took me two days to read. The only thing I did not like is that I personally thought I did not end right, don’t get me wrong I liked the book and all but I think it was just ended wrong. But all and all a great book I would recomened to anyone.

I was not made to write a good review, only to voice my opinion. This book was written by Donita K. Paul, published by Waterbrook Press

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