Monday, February 14, 2011

The Little Lame Prince

                                                    By: Miss Mulock

       The little lame prince is the story of one little boy, a prince who because someone dropped him as a young baby, became lame. That same day his mother passed away. His father buried himself in his work and rarely ever paid attention to his son. Then after several years he noticed his son from where he was playing on the floor and called to him, when his son around the age of two did not get up and walk, he more or less crawled/ walked across the floor on his knees. His father was furious with all the people that did not tell him his son was lame. After calling on all the best doctors they all said the same thing, he will never walk like a normal boy would.  His father was very sad and angry and a few months later he passed away and joined his wife.

The little lame prince was now first in line for the throne but his uncle despised him and decided that he was to be on the throne. So he came up with a plan, he had someone make him a wax figure identical to the little prince. Then he told everyone the little prince died in his sleep and had a funeral for him and everything and buried the wax figure next to the former king and queen. During the funeral the little lame prince was carried of to a tower across the mountains to live out the rest of his days in the tower with his nurse.

    But his fairy godmother told him he was a prince and helped him escape to tell everyone that he was still alive, for after a couple of years everyone forgot about him. He found out his uncle had died and his nurse and fairy godmother helped him become the rightful king.

   I really enjoyed this book, it was sad but it ends on a good and happy note so it is not as sad at the end. All in all a good read. This book is set in the middle ages.    

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