Sunday, July 5, 2015

24 Girls in 7 Days

2861108There are few things sadder than Jack Grammar's love life.

So when his friends take it upon themselves to get him a date to the prom by placing an intensely humiliating ad in the school paper, they think they are doing him a favor. Jack doesn't agree. But then the most amazing thing happens: responses to the ad are overwhelming. So overwhelming, in fact, that Jack must narrow the list down. A lot. Not an easy task. Turns out, the girls at City High are quite competitive. From drive-by flashings to breaking and entering to cell phone stalkers, these potential prom dates will stop at nothing to snag the suddenly popular Jack. How will he ever choose just one?

So i was hoping for amazing, but it wasn't. Still it was good. The beginning was funny, and made you want to laugh out loud. The second half, not so much. The ending was okay but kind of just thrown together, it made it seem like Jack had no feelings what so ever and had no problem being rude and there was way to much floating around to girl to girl. Overall it was okay, but not amazing.

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