Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sluagh: demon of the night

As a child, Max Furman is abused at the hands of his mother. Numerous times, she tells him she should have smothered him when he was an infant. He is unloved and unwanted. The abuse and neglect deadens his heart. When his sister Katie is born his mother dotes on her the love he craves. His hatred for his mother peaks one afternoon when he is fourteen. As Katie is sleeping, he smothers her. His sister becomes his first kill. As an adult, Max develops into a serial killer of children stealing their mother’s love. For eighteen years, he operates undetected killing boys between the ages of 4 to 7. He buries their bodies where they are never found. Then Max makes a fatal mistake. Yearning for recognition, he begins displaying the dead children. Now the FBI is on the trail of the one the news media has labeled The Ghost. Seeking a place to hide he sees an ad in a Christian publication. Using a bogus résumé, he becomes pastor of Waynesburg Baptist Church Angels Andrew and Antoine were created at the same instance. They became best friends and explored heaven laughing talking serving The Lord. Then came the rebellion. Each one chose sides. Andrew stayed loyal to The Lord while Antoine joined Satan’s forces. After the fall, they became enemies sworn to battle each other for the souls of men. Yet Antoine can never forget what he has lost. Nor can he wipe from his mind his future in the lake of fire. Antoine becomes Max’s personal demon assisting him in all of his kills. Time is running out for Max and Antoine soon they will pay for their crimes.
This book was a page turner. I read it in two days and had a hard time doing little else until it was over. It is slightly scary though to think thats what really goes on all over the world everyday. It makes me think differently how safe we really can be.... The only thing i get about this book is what is the title and how do you say it? Good read thoughI like how when you think its over its really not, something else happens andits like here we go again. But all in all a good read. There are a couple grammer errors and the Author did inform me that they are getting fixed so it not a big deal. I would recommend this book to those looking for a good suspence read with a lot of action and drama involved.
I recieved this book by the Author: Darrell Case for review, i was not made to write a good review, only to voice my opinion on the title.

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