Friday, November 1, 2013

Beyond the Pond

Beyond The Pond is a family friendly story with a Christian theme for young readers to adults. Taking place in the fictional town of Grande Hills, Texas, journey back in time from the Indian legend of the Cedar tree to the almost near tragedy that changed Cathryn Price's life forever. No one believed Cathryn's story about how she was saved from drowning, so she stopped trying to convince anyone and kept the secret all to herself. Cathryn grew up, married and built a home near the Red River. She chose this spot for a very special reason, and also built a pond on her land. Today Cathryn's great granddaughter, Linda, and her nine year old son, Brady live in the old Victorian home. Brady struggles with changes in his life and finds that bringing back the old pond helps to distract him from his own real life tragedies. What he doesn't know is that the pond and Cedar are in danger due to a Texas drought and night prowlers. The answer is for Olivia, a new and somewhat fearful fish in the pond, to leave the pond in search of a hidden spring and its inhabitants to save the legendary Cedar. And so, a new journey begins deep beneath the earth through an ancient passageway. Olivia's adventure not only encounters danger, but she discovers a secret kept safe for over fifty years. Brady learns to cope with embarrassment and defeat, and finds that God has a plan for his life after all. Beyond the Pond presents an interesting collection of characters, including one who has been around since The Beginning! The gospel message is explained in a simple truth between the most unlikely couple. Three homes and three stories come together for a heart warming surprise ending.

This book was well written and is a great story to read and to get to know the different characters in the story. It is geared towards the younger adults and older kids.
I would recommened this book. 
I recieved this book for review through the Author: Jennie Samuel. 

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