Friday, February 15, 2013

I Am Not But I Know I Am: Welcome to the Story of God

I Am Not But I Know I Am: Welcome to the Story of God

“God is looking for ordinary people
to play significant roles
in His story.
Our God is more expansive and powerful than we could ever imagine, the all-mighty creator of galaxies beyond our reach. But He is also the loving creator who has formed and fashioned you.  Yet, as valuable as you are to Him, God’s best for your life is to invite you into a story that is all about Him.
In this intensely personal and highly motivating book, bestselling author, pastor, and Passion founder Louie Giglio shows you how to embrace your “smallness” in light of God’s greatness—and live with more meaning than you have ever dreamed possible.
I am not…but God knows my name.
I am not…but He has pursued me in His love.
I am not…but I know the Creator of the universe.
I am not, but I know I AM!
Now updated with all new content to encourage you in your quest to live for what matters most.”
Is this oh so true. This book is a book about finding your part in God’s story. It is not about our story, but rather us finding our part in God’s story. Giglio takes us back to the good old days – all the way back to Adam and Eve and offers great insightful advice to everyone. He even relates with his own stories in such an uplifting, encouraging way. Filled with great stand out statements throughout the book to catch your attention, this book will change your life is you allow it to.

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