Saturday, July 7, 2012

Though the Bud be Bruised

Though the bud be bruised is the true story of what happened in Jo Wanmer’s (the Author) life and the life of her adopted daughter. Evil, hidden in plain view threatened to destroy the family Zara worked so hard to raise. After having her whole world crash in around her, Zara struggled to make since of what had happened and struggled with emotions she tried to comprehend and struggled with her relationship with God for letting this happen to her daughter.
 I would start out by saying that I probably never would have read this book if I knew that it would be about abuse. Not a subject as a fifteen year old I really needed to know about, the author’s description of the book was not very clear about what the book was about, that would have helped. But even with the subject matter I still enjoyed reading this book, the story of Issy, a young teen struggling after years of abuse, doing things she was told she would never do since her emotional scars ran so deep. It was uplifting to read how she helped herself break out of the grips of depression and anger. And how her family coped as she was in and out of the hospital for trying to take her own life, something she tried on several occasions to do.
 I truly enjoyed this book. I received this book for review by Book Crash/ Even Before Publishing.  

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