Thursday, May 31, 2012

Where Lilacs Still Bloom

Where Lilacs Still Bloom is the fictionalized story of Hulda Klager a self taught botanist, her greatest love was lilacs. Trying to make a special lilac, one with twelve white petals was a passion for her, something that kept her awake at night thinking on how she can do it.  She made over one hundred different variety of lilacs, a huge accomplishment for someone with only an eighth grade education.  Even though she had many trials in her life, she still stayed strong in her faith and took most things with stride, even when floods threatened to destroy her plants and home. She tried to accomplish many different varieties of plants, mostly lilacs but some other flowers and also apples.  Her accomplishments were large many people came and visited her gardens every summer.  She gave out starts of her lilacs to those who wanted them her lilacs were spread out throughout the country.  She was a great person with a strong faith and had many, many accomplishments.
 I very much enjoyed this book it was very well researched and very well written. I would recommend this book to any lover of historical fiction. I was not made to write a positive review, just to express my opinion.

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