Friday, March 4, 2011

When You Reach Me

By: Rebecca Stead

  When you reach me is the story of a sixth grader by the name of Miranda, she lives with her mother in one of the poorer neighborhoods in the area. Her mother has taught her how to be careful and how to avoid trouble. But when their key is stolen out of its hiding place strange things begin to happen. She starts receiving strange notes, is someone she loves in horrible danger? And how does the mysterious note writer know all that he knows? Find out when you read When You Reach Me.

   This book is amazing! This book is full to the gills with mystery and suspense. The author keeps the book hanging until the very end so you will want to read it to the very last page. Plus the end is very surprising I would never have guessed the end in a million years. This book is not very long so it will not take you to long to finish reading it and you will never want to put it down until it has been read cover to cover. I really enjoyed this book and will read again in the near future.

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