Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Bridge Of Peace

The bridge of peace is the story of Lena Kauffman a young beautiful Amish school teacher who thinks no man will every see past the birthmark on her cheek. Lena is a great teacher but has her struggles with one boy, with out knowing that his brother is out to get her at every turn. He thinks his brother is unfairly treated by Lena but she only does what is going to help him learn. Then there is Grey Graber who fells trapped, after his wife Elsie has shut him out of her life for no reason at all. When she starts to open up to him and they start working to a better marriage Elsie is suddenly killed in an accident. Lena and Grey have been life long friends but can all of there secrets be overcome for the sake of love? Or will unsettling deceptions destroy there new relationship before it has hardly begun.

  Find out when you read the bridge of peace, I truly enjoyed this book it was written in a fun style that was easy to follow along with. Since it is the second book in a series I really should have read the first on before reading this one but did not have time to do it. I love this book and might recommend to a friend.

I was not made to write a good review, only to voice my opinion. This book was written by Cindy Woodsmall, published by Waterbrook Press

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