Tuesday, September 15, 2015

So, What's your Point?

21145436"We've all got a story. It's either our own, or someone else's." But, what if there really was only one Story and you were created for it? Wouldn't you want to know it? And more importantly, if you had the opportunity to join it, wouldn't you want to sign up? Fran Sciacca's new book, So, What's Your Point? tackles the tough questions of: "Who do I say that I am?" "What's my point?" and "What's my place?" Or put another way, the questions of Identity, Purpose, and Mission. If you're tired of the storylines of our day, and want to understand how your passions, gifts, longings, and your very being find their fulfillment in the One Story, So, What's Your Point? will take you there. Just make sure your seats and tray tables are in the upright and locked position! 
So, I really wanted to get into this and just love it, but I cant. I did read the whole thing mind you but didn't enjoy it very much towards the end and here is why. History. I love History but there is a little to much back history or word history to explain all the tiny parts of the story he was telling. Also after awhile I felt like it was starting to drag, a lot. Its only 254 pages if you don't read the extras in the back. But it started dragging after around 160 or so. Not saying it was horrible, but it was not by any means my favorite. 
I received this for review through Tyndale House Publishers 

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