Friday, July 26, 2013

The Gospel According to Les Miserables

Few stories have captured readers hearts like Les Miserables. Popular as a book, musical, and movie, the themes contrast complicated characters and themes. Though audiences have enjoyed the timeless story, the Christian themes are often missed. This 30 day devotional book points out some of the many Christian themes within the story of Les Miserables, connects them to timeless truths found in the Bible, and offers challenges for all of us.

Written from a conservative, evangelical Christian perspective, the 30 devotional readings in The Gospel According to Les Miserable will challenge readers to learn biblical lessons from favorite characters like Valjean, Javier, Marius, Fantine, and many others.

It could have been a little better and if you arent VERY familiar with the book Les Mis you would be completly lost. I did enjoy the way the story and the lesson taught in the devo were somewhat paired together, but they could have been longer and also they could have had verses of the Bible to read besideds the one that was on the top under the title of each days devo. It was really a great devo that i will continue to use but could go a little deeper into the story and deeper into Gods word.

I recieved this book through review by: Bookcrash.

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