Sunday, July 17, 2011

When Sparrows Fall

By: Meg Moseley

When sparrows fall is the story of Miranda and her children. Miranda a window with six sheltered home schooled children who’s church leader is very controlling. She does not want to be under his authority anymore but he holds secrets to her past that she has been hiding for years. After an accident on the cliffs on her property Jack, the half uncle and half brother in law to Miranda comes to live and help take care of the children while Miranda recovers from her injuries. But will him being there be a problem more than a help.
   I did not enjoy this book as much as I thought I would at the beginning, but I slowly warmed up to it. I had a hard time figuring out this book at the beginning but about half way through I had started to put the pieces together and truly understand the book and what was going on. I could not truly understand what was all going on until the very end of this book. That is the only negative thing I have about the book. I did enjoy this book after I started to piece everything together and understanding it. I got this book for review thru Multnomah  and was not made to write a positive review.


  1. Thanks for entering my giveaway ;)

    And the book sounds interesting. There are a lot of books that are slower in starting but get a lot better as it goes on.

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